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Praxis CEO Isaac Morehouse shares stories and lessons about the future of education and work. The economy is undergoing a massive change. Small startups are replacing giant companies and creating entirely new industries at a rapid pace. Entrepreneurship is reshaping our world, but higher education remains the same stale and rigid institution. College’s are charging more than ever for increasingly irrelevant degrees. Students are taking on tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to get an education that doesn’t teach the entrepreneurial skills needed to thrive in the digital world. Forward Tilt brings you the stories and mindsets from the future of education and work. Inspiring lessons of using entrepreneurial mindsets and apprenticeships to build careers. If you are an ambitious young person, ready to set off on your career and entrepreneurial journey, If you are a young professional ready to take your career to the next level, If you are anyone interested in the attitudes and approaches necessary for success in the digital world, Forward Tilt is for you. ------------- Forward Tilt is presented by Praxis, the 12-month apprenticeship at a startup. If you’re young, hungry, and ready to build a great career, apply today.
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Dec 15, 2017

That’s it folks! The 50th and final episode of the Forward Tilt podcast. Over the last 50 weeks, we covered one lesson a week. One way to get off the conveyor belt and take control of building your career and life.

Now that Forward Tilt is over, Isaac gives his recommendations for more resources to check out.


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Dec 8, 2017

To short a stock is to sell it before you own it. You sell it today and agree to deliver in the future because you believe the cost will go down and you will be able to buy it at a cheaper price.

When you put off tasks to the future, you are doing the same thing with your time.

Every action you take has a cost, and when you leave for tomorrow what you could do today, you communicate a lot about the way you value your time.

Topics Discussed:
- Shorting your own stock
- Opportunity cost
- If you get better every day, the value of your time in the future goes up
- Valuing future time less when you should actually value it more
- If you can do it now, do it

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Dec 1, 2017

We call it baby steps when you take small guarded steps forward. But babies take the exact opposite approach. They flail, take big risks, and learn as they go.

When babies start crawling they don’t cautiously ease their way into it. They get up, fall down and crash into things. They’ll walk off the top of the stairs if you don’t have it blocked.

Only once they take risks do they develop the skill needed to be more precious and safe. But they would never gain that skill if they didn’t take risks initially.

The same is true for learning in adulthood. We want it to be safe, to ease our way in, but the best way to learn is to do what babies do and just go for it.

In this episode:
- Babies take risks, not guarded steps
- When you start anything, don’t ease your way in
- The power of taking big swings
- We learn by taking “real” baby steps

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