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Praxis CEO Isaac Morehouse shares stories and lessons about the future of education and work. The economy is undergoing a massive change. Small startups are replacing giant companies and creating entirely new industries at a rapid pace. Entrepreneurship is reshaping our world, but higher education remains the same stale and rigid institution. College’s are charging more than ever for increasingly irrelevant degrees. Students are taking on tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to get an education that doesn’t teach the entrepreneurial skills needed to thrive in the digital world. Forward Tilt brings you the stories and mindsets from the future of education and work. Inspiring lessons of using entrepreneurial mindsets and apprenticeships to build careers. If you are an ambitious young person, ready to set off on your career and entrepreneurial journey, If you are a young professional ready to take your career to the next level, If you are anyone interested in the attitudes and approaches necessary for success in the digital world, Forward Tilt is for you. ------------- Forward Tilt is presented by Praxis, the 12-month apprenticeship at a startup. If you’re young, hungry, and ready to build a great career, apply today.
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Aug 25, 2017

What people say they want is different from what they will actually go out and do.

Economists call this the difference between stated and revealed preferences.

Your opinions don’t come with a cost. But when you have to pay it shows what you truly value.

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Aug 18, 2017

Whether you're building a business, writing a blog, or creating anything new, it can be easy to think about your customer or audience in aggregate. To work with your market in mind, instead of a particular person.

One of the biggest inflection points in the growth of Praxis came when Isaac choose to focus on one particular customer. Not all the entrepreneurial young people, not a specific demographic, just sell and create a solution for one specific person.

From a focus on one customer, you build a solid foundation for growth because you are focused on solving a real problem for a real person and not a vague aggregate. From focusing on one customer Praxis now can create value for hundreds of participants. 

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Aug 11, 2017

When creating something it is easy to focus on perfecting the small details. Whether it’s production value on a podcast, body positioning as a public speaker, or style as a writer, there are lots of small details to obsess over.

But when you are starting a new project you can never lose sight of the most important aspect of anything you create, the content of the ideas.

In this episode:
- Handling imperfections as a creator
- The content of the ideas matter more than perfect delivery
- Lessons from running public speaking workshops

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Aug 4, 2017

When something goes wrong in a customer service situation, some people will seize the opportunity to berate their server or make an employee feel bad. They use the moment to grab a tiny amount of power.

But by using this opportunity to feel powerful, they are giving up what is best for them in the long term. They are giving up opportunities to get a better long term solution to momentarily feel important. In the case of restaurants, they are forgetting the free meal.

In this episode:
- Why people get mad at customer service employees
- Don’t trade your power for attention
- Don’t forget the free meal

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